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About Bhala Writers

Writing is more than a basic skill; it is a legitimate career path for the working class in Africa. To this end, the Bhala community serves members as a bridge between writing talent and income generation. This community is for the aspiring and the accomplished alike; a platform for both sharing and learning.

Bhala is a community that champions and inspires good writing and is a platform built for collaboration, growth and crucial dialogue.

Reasons To Join Us

The Bhala community supports writers to become effective communicators that can convert words into money. Members will be invited to an online social community where they will join other writers and:

  1. Access Relevant Resources - Bhala offers workshops and webinars that are tailored to the writer’s journey. 
  2. Leverage a Peer Network - Bhala writers primarily learn from one another through conversation and constructive feedback.
  3. Apply for Opportunities - Bhala connects its community members to teaching opportunities, writing opportunities, reporting opportunities with the primary goal of growth and income generation.

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